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Welcome to

the Art 'N' Soul
Gallery of Photographic Art
You are about to embark on a world where fantasy and
reality have been merged into a single state of being.
Here you will experience joy, sorrow, peace and solitude,
as you browse through images both beautiful and bizarre.
I pushed my image editor to it's ultimate limit to create what
I believe is posssibly my best work yet.
All images in this gallery were produced in
Adobe PhotoDeluxe Home Edition 3.0 and Microsoft Paint.
Many were manipulated, filtered, painted and manipulated
again to produce the enhanced effects that you will find on the following pages.
So, sit back, relax and enjoy the show. A canvas of illusion awaits your discerning eye.

Enter the Gallery of Art 'N' Soul

"Heaven's Staircase"

(c)2001/2002 L. Nollenberger


Page #8 is rated PG and may

not be suitable for young children.
On this page I have ventured into the darker side of life.
Although the page does not contain nudity, the image combined
with the title and song could possibly be
thought of as being "sexually suggestive."
Viewer discretion is advised
Port of entry
All images in this gallery are copyright protected
and may not be downloaded, printed or used for any purpose without express
written consent of the photographer and/or Galleries Unlimited.
Licensing information can be obtained by contacting Larry at

Galleries Unlimited

1370 Trancas St. PMB308
Napa, Ca. 94558

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