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Gallery of War

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Island of Guam
North Pacific Sea. 1968
Archival Print #G102BST
(c)2003 L. Nollenberger

Suddenly, Guam appeared through a pipeline of clouds. I could make out hills and ridges and a few bays from the ship. Guam certainly had a little more shape to it than Midway. As luck would have it, I would pull the day watch in Guam. I stood on the focsle, .45 strapped to my hip and watched as the others went ashore for a few hours of liberty. Oh well, guess I did not miss much. From what they tell me there was not much there. Just a hotel and few bars. I couldn't even get a good story about the women there out of my shipmates. So much for the exciting port of Guam. It was on to the P.I.