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Gallery of War

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Cebu City, Phillipines 1968
Archival Print #P-CC101S
(c)2003 L. Nollenberger

The Captain announced a change of plans just after we left Guam. We would be pulling into Cebu City for a quick day stop on the way to Subic. Ah, maybe this time I would get to set foot on solid land. My seas legs were anxious to walk on something that did not rock back and forth all the time. The town's folk turned out in force to greet us as we pulled along side the dock. Vendors were everywhere selling everything from seashells to cold beer. And yes, I did get to finally go ashore. It was an interesting place. I immediately hooked up with a young lady who was very eager to show me around there town. So, off we went exploring the orient on the island of Cebu.