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Gallery of War

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Subic Bay, Phillipines 1968
Archival Print #P-CC106B
(c)2003 L. Nollenberger

Well, eventually I recovered from my heartache and we made our way into Subic Bay. Alongapo City reminded me alot of beautiful downtown Tiajuana. Many of the people lived in boats along the Alongapo River, which ran into the bay. We had to cross a small bridge over the river to get into town. Some sailors would throw pesos into the water and watch as the kids would dive from the boats to retrieve the coins. I guess they needed the money. We did not stay long at Subic. Word came out of Pearl that we were needed for back up in Nam and would have to leave right away. I sat in a downtown bar and ordered up another San Magu. The green foam spilled over the edge of the glass, as I bid farewell to my newly aquired friend. "I'll be here when you return," she said. "Come see me again." "If I live through this damn war, I will," I said. It was our last day in port. I returned to the ship and we were off to Nam.