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Highway 168, Silver Peak Range (NV.)

and the Fish Lake Valley
Near Oasis, Ca.

(c)2001 L. Nollenberger
Photo #O1k864SPR

By the time I reached the Pinon Picnic area (along White Mt. Rd.), I was more then ready to raid the ice box. A quick lunch and I was back on the road. Hwy. 168 E. descends down the southern rim of the White Mts. and intersects with Hwy. 266 at a placed called Oasis near the Nevada State Line. The desert calm made the sound of the rattle snake all to clear, as I stopped for this road shot of Hwy. 168 and the Fish Lake Valley under the fan of Nevada's Silver Peak Range. Be aware, if you ever take this route, there are no services for about 200 miles! The snake was in the brush on the north side of the road.

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