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Full Moon

with Desert National
Wildlife Range (left)
And Hwy. 95 (right)
Near Indian Springs, NV.
(c)2001 L. Nollenberger
Photo #DNWR1k870VMR

I was beginning to doubt I would ever make Vegas by dinner time, as Highway 95 came into view. Beatty was the next town south and the map showed it to be a good 50 miles away. After a nice dinner at a local casino in Beatty, I returned to the road. Somewhere past Indian Springs, a beautiful full orange moon, poked its head over the southern rim of the Desert National Wildlfie Range. Desperately, I searched for a place to get off the freeway but there were no off ramps. Finally, an off ramp led under the freeway and down a dirt road that led out into the middle of the desert. Here, under a towering Yucca, a river of moonlight flowed into this tranquil desert scene.

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