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The Annex

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Historical Building

& Hwy. 120
Benton Hot Springs, Ca.
(c)2001 L. Nollenberger
Photo #B1k893HB

After passing through an agricultural inspection station, I found myslf in a place called Benton, Ca. Here, Hwy. 6 connects with Hwy. 120, which leads back to Mono Lake. About a mile down the road (on Hwy. 120) is Benton Hot Springs. Founded in 1870 it remains the oldest town in Mono County and boasts of having the purest spring water in the country (the photo is of the original building- the newer B.& B. is just down the street). Be sure to check out the hill on the south side of the road on your way out of town. It is completely covered with old mining wagons.

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