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Eastern Sierra View

With the June Lake Loop &
Ansel Adams Wilderness
Near Lee Vining, Ca.
(c)2001 L. Nollenberger
Photo #LV1k898ESVJ(P)

Finally, Lee Vining and Hwy. 395 was back in sight. As I made my way along the last stretch of Hwy. 120, I was stopped by one of the most beautiful views of the Eastern Sierras I had ever seen. Before me was the Ansel Adams Wilderness and the June Lake Loop, winding its way under the 13,053 ft. Mt. Dana and through the Tioga Pass. On the other side lay Yosmite National Park. If you get a chance to visit this area, make sure and stop. There are a few hiking trails just off the road. It is uncrowded and you will find some stunning mountain views.

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