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Gallery of War

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Fuel Depot
Midway Island 1968
Archival Print #MI101FD
(c)2003 L. Nollenberger

Finally, Land Ho! There she was. The beautiful tropical paradise of Midway Island! I think we had been a sea about almost four days, before we hit our first port of call. Unfortunately, there just was not much there. Midway Island was nothing more than a sandbar, sparsely covered with vegetation set somewhere in the middle of the North Pacific Sea. When the Captain called to put the ship's boat in the water and send a few men ashore, I wondered what was up? I soon realized that we were pulling into a deserted fuel depot and there was nobody home! The men were sent ashore to tie up the ship after we pulled along side the dock. Well, we didn't stay long and returned to sea after refueling. Somewhat disappointed, I hoped that perhaps there would be something a little more exciting in Guam.